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Is circumcision absolutely necessary to be Jewish?

Can you still be Jewish and keep your foreskin?

Personally I don’t understand it and I think it’s wrong. But am I being disrespectful and intolerant of not liking circumcision being done?

Why can’t you be Jewish and keep your foreskin? Why does a natural skin have to be cut? Because it was a commandment?

I’ve just don’t understand it and the whole idea of removing the foreskin makes me extremely uncomfortable. Does that mean I’m a bigot and inconsiderate in understanding the Jewish religion?

Are all Jewish men pretty much circumcised?

I do see certain groups of Jewish men talking about how the practice should end.

Should circumcision ever go away? Is it really necessary to honor god?

I just feel like I’m being disrespectful to the Jewish religion by thinking circumcision is a bad thing. But they celebrate it and that’s what I just don’t understand. Why does it need to be public?

What about consent? Why not circumcise in adulthood when they can decide for themselves?

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