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Is Bigotry Dead or Have Anti-Bigotry Laws Backfired and Made it Worse?

My father, like probably many of the parents and grandparents of many of the people on this forum, had to work for a Jewish-owned company; it was much more difficult for a Jewish person to break into a job outside the Jewish community and even harder to survive in that sort of environment.

Today, it’s more hidden. I do believe it still exists. It’s just that “they” realize that we notice it. Back then it was more blatant. Maybe it’s even worse than it was before, in many cases.

Why? Is it because of all the “anti-discrimination” rules and statutes? Has bigotry actually gotten worse because of it being made illegal? Have the bigots gone underground because they realize what would happen if they were exposed?

Discuss. בס’ד

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