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Is art by Israeli artist Javi G worth anything / prized / valued?

I have several paintings from Israeli painter Javi G / Lavi Group depicting various scenes linked to Judaism: Moses coming down with the Ten Commandments, a landscape of a European city (I think it’s Warsaw, I am not sure), rabbis blowing the shofar, 2 fiddlers on a roof, etc… and I am no longer in need for their possession. Every time I call a synagogue or JCC in my area to donate them, I am always rebuffed as they either do not know who he is, or are not interested in him, yet I see multiple of his paintings valued at 50$+ on eBay? So are his painting worth anything or no? He was quite famous in Israel back in the day, though evidently his reputation lay now undetected. I am trying to dispossess of them soon and I would rather they go to a Jewish location instead of donating them to Value Village, or ending up in landfill.

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