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Is anyone else sick of this anti-semetic "fake jew" rhetoric?

Its like everywhere I go, either on the far right or from palestine protestors. They call the jews in Israel “fake” and that we’re converts. Its hilarious because we all know its not true yet its sad because they’re trying to spread a fake and anti-semetic conspiracy theory in attempt to de-legitamize us as jews and our claim to Israel. Also because its a pretty 50/50 split between ashkenazi/ mizrahi and sephardic jews in Israel. I’m assuming these people are referring to the debunked khazar claim which only the top echelon of the empire converted.

This study completely debunks that claim:

This study also shows that all groups of jews (ashkenazi, sephardi and Mizrahi) aren’t significantly different from eachother DNA wise.

I just wanted to put that out there. And to the anti-semetites lurking here. There are no fake jews. Get over it. Before you spew bullshit read something for once.

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