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Is anyone else getting very stressed out by constant antisemitism on social media?

Whether it be the Food Benders account I just saw posted here, or just constant antisemitism – sometimes it people being antisemitic and trying to pass it off as criticism of Israel (when they are actually just being antisemitic), sometimes they are just being upfront antisemitic.

Either way, in combination with all the stresses from police brutality going on, COVID, the national security bill in China, etc. I am getting very overloaded by the antisemitism and it’s making me kind of lose hope in the people around me. Now seeing people blame everything on Jews and not catch any flack for it makes me very upset. I’ve of course experienced antisemitism before this, but I was usually able to brush it off or get over it in a way days or weeks, but it’s getting so frequent that it’s getting out of hand.

Has any other Jewish person experienced this? Does anyone have any good reading, articles or videos for hope to cope with constantly being exposed to antisemitism and the toll it takes on you?

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