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Is anyone 35 and under being unintentionally gaslit by their much older boomer parents about how bad antisemitism is on the left?

I (30F) grew up in the suburbs of Boston and now live in London—most of my family is in Michigan and NYC and I am the child of two youngest siblings—one, my dad, is 70, and my mom is 64.

Both of my parents are retired and have no social media and rarely leave their home as most of their (also retired) friends are neighbours on a block that has other Jewish people. They are very much of the hippie-dippie variety so we’ve grown up around JVP-type folk and, like me growing up, don’t understand how dangerous the organisation is. I’m in London, but when I was back home I used to (before October 7th) hang out in Harvard Square—now a no-go zone because of protests.

A lot of my work is in academia and media, and I’m queer and {was} heavily involved in the feminist activist space. I’ve lost my community and 75% of my friends—although I’ve found a couple of new ones in the Jewish community in London (thanks Limmud lol). Both parents have continually lectured me about how I’m “overreacting” to antisemitism and propose enormously dangerous things, like working in a Jewish preschool.

Every time I try to send them an article, they say they “can’t read it, it’s too much” but again continue to gaslight me about these issues. I don’t want advice I just want to know if anyone is having a similar problem.

My aunt who is 67 is in Michigan works for an anti-police violence charity and in the social work department at UMich. She’s kind of the only one in my family in that generation who gets how bad it is.

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