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Iraqi Jews, where/how have you researched your ancestry?

I have very good reason to believe my dad’s a Jew, or has Jewish family. As a disclaimer, I know this doesn’t make me a Jew (though, I’d like to convert once this pandemic lets me chat with rabbis again!). I’ve got the last names of my dad’s dad and mom and (I think) both my dad’s mom’s dad and dad’s mom’s mom (my paternal grandmother and paternal grandfather both carried two names, respectively). The surnames in question are Shabo (sp. Shaboo, Shabu?), Hana (sp. Hanna?), Salim, and Al-Sayegh.

Some clues: Jewish names of my dad’s grandparents: Binyamin, Rahel, Daud. My dad’s dad seemed to know a bit too much about the Iraqi Jewish exodus to Israel for the time, and my dad made an off handed comment about maybe coming from a Jew or multiple Jews. I can’t ask my dad about a lot as he doesn’t like to talk about it, and most of his family is dead or in the diaspora. We come from Mosul and Baghdad if that helps, but as far as we know, we’re Assyrian. If religion is of any fuss, they were Christians, but my dad said Christianity wasn’t important in their home growing up.

According to this site , all the names are Jewish, but I don’t really know what else to do with that information to lead me anywhere.

I don’t speak Arabic so I have no idea where to start researching this side of my family, so I’d appreciate any leads at all!

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