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Iraq Jew?

TLDR: mother said she was ‘a quarter Jewish’ I said what do you mean? She said her mother is half Jewish through her mother. I ask if she’s sure and she says she doesn’t know but her family celebrated the Jewish holidays (+she said they didn’t wear hijab but idk if that matters). She lived in Kuwait and her father was Saudi, and she left her fathers religion (Islam) and she’s pretty traumatised about religion so she won’t really talk to me about it. I have never spoken with any of my relatives before, so I’m not sure whether I should bother asking an aunt or not. I guess I’m not sure what to do really, it’s been bugging me for like 2 years not getting a straight answer. But she doesn’t want to have ties to religion in any form, and so I can’t really ask her about it anymore. I feel like my only option is asking an aunt but I really shouldn’t at the moment. I do have the name but the Iraqi Jewish archives doesn’t let u search individual people and I’m sure it’d take ages.

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