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Invited to a bar mitzvah

Hi all,

I’m a secondary school teacher in the UK. One of my students has invited me to his bar mitzvah. I’m still in the process of finding out whether I’ll actually be allowed to attend – but hopefully I am!

If it’s approved, can anyone help me on what it is that I may have to do (if anything) and whether I need to bring him a gift?

I don’t know if it’ll make a difference, but I’m a Muslim woman, and I’m worried I’ll do something insensitive due to my lack of knowledge.

Do I shake hands when I get there or are gender segregation rules similar to Islam?

Would it be weird for me to say shalom as a greeting?

Is there anything I may need to recite/mention during this time? Would it be rude if I didn’t?

Is there a meal afterwards?

As far as I know, this is like a coming of age ceremony where he recites a portion of the Torah.

I’d love to thank him for being a wonderful student and his family for the invitation. Even if nothing needs to be given, it’d be great if I could have some gift suggestions, for him and his parents.

Thanks in advance!

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