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Invited my japanese girlfriend to hanukkah with me and my jewish family

Back in late november-early december me and my family were preparing for hanukkah decorating the house and everything and i am dating a girl who is not jewish shes japanese and and shes very respectful with other cultures she likes other cultures and i wanted her to come to my house during hanukkah and like celebrate with me and my family (im really trying to word this right im sorry) my family loved the idea but my girlfriend was so worried about if it was cultural apropriation i had to get my parents into it to tell her its fine cause we invited her we love her but it took such a long time to convince her its alright its not the same as a non jewish person celebrating hanukkah just cause they want too. But anyways it went great it was fine

i rushed this because reddit didnt let me post it on another server so i was pissed off and re wrote it quickly

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