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Investing in Jewish Companies, Divesting from Antisemites!

I recently started investing, and a consideration in the back of my mind is that I want to invest in companies (well, good companies) that were founded by or are currently run by Jewish people. It has also dawned on me that I really don’t want to put my money into a company that is run by an antisemite, or funds antisemitic causes.

So far I haven’t found any formal investor indicators relevant to this. I know FB was founded by a Jewish guy, as was Google, and they seem promising enough. And that Ford was run by a pretty hateful, deranged guy for quite a while, perhaps I want to avoid it until I do more research.

So, can you please let me know of some companies you’d suggest I take a look at with a good “Jewish index”, as well as companies to avoid with a high “antisemitism index”?

What are your favorite Jewish companies? What’s on your blacklist?

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