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Investigating potential Jewish ancestry

Hi all, as the title suggests I found out I might have possible Jewish ancestry, but we’re not 100% sure. According to my nan, my great-grandmother may have been Jewish, as she often used Yiddish phrases and the relatives on her side of the family all had Hebrew names. She and her relatives were all apparently very Jewish-looking (not that there’s a right way to ‘look Jewish’ tho). It seems interesting that she used a lot of Yiddish phrases, as this is regional Australia and not a heavily Jewish populated area where she may have picked up those words. Sadly there’s not much information other than that, as my great-grandmother passed away some time ago and there are no family trees or anything. She and her mother didn’t have particularly Jewish names, so we’re unsure. I’m wondering if there’s any way to find out for sure, I’m hoping to take a DNA test but I wonder whether there’s anything else that could prove that she was Jewish. For years I’ve felt that I have Jewish ancestry somewhere, and learning about this has made me even more determined to find out. Sorry about the ramble, I’m just really hoping to learn more

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