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Interview with Rabbi Sherwin Wine the founder of The Society for Humanistic Judaism.

YouTube recommend this video of an interview with the founder of The Society for Humanistic Judaism.

It’s an interesting interview. I had no idea that Humanistic Judaism went as far back as the early 60s. I love the idea preserving Jewish identity and culture even if you don’t believe in G*d. But I certainly place greater value on religious practice than he does. I enjoy Jewish religious practices. I don’t need to believe in Hashem to get fulfillment out of praying with teffilin or celebrating shabbat. I am glad that there are people keeping Judaism an option for atheists. As more and more people lack a belief in a diety, I don’t want to see Judaism disappear.

The way I look it, Judaism is what you do not what you believe. Plenty of people believe in G*d, but they aren’t Jewish.

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