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interpretations of cain? curses?

I’m jewish, but I’m not all that literate in Torah. it’s gotten better over time, but given how I live under christian hegemony like most american jews, combined with a morbid historical interest and an abundance of english language literature, I’ve learned that many american christians have used “the curse of cain” to justify the idea that said curse was dark skin as a punishment for sin. it has been used as a major justification for segregation and institutional racism in many parts of the US as late as 1978, and I assume into the present day, although of course racists have had to get betterat covering their tracks in the past hundred years.

Given its heavy christian baggage I was wondering, what interpretations have some of the most major historical rabbis had about the story of cain and Abel? what are your favorites/the most interesting to you? I’m looking specifically for citations and resources to keep reading, especially if they have something meaningful to say about jewish history, but I wouldn’t be opposed to some thoughtful responses of your own.

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