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Intermarriage and divorce

Hello, I have a question regarding a divorce I’m going through right now. I’m Jewish, and my soon to be ex husband is not. We got eloped fairly young and we’re about to divorce after only 2 years or marriage. I’m originally from Europe and I literally uprooted my life with no guidance whatsoever. It was a great mistake but I’m hopeful for what’s to come and my return to faith.

During those years, we lived in a community with virtually no Jewish people and I was spiritually away from my faith. Now, I’m moving to NYC and ready to finally engage with the community but I’m wondering about the effects of divorce on my status. So, would I be considered a divorcee in the eyes of religion even though I never had a religious ceremony? I’m definitely looking to converse with a rabbi when I settle into my new place and choose the temple, but for now this question has constantly been on my mind.

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