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Interfaith relationships…

Hi all, I’m a Muslim girl and I have been dating my Jewish (Israeli) boyfriend for a year and a half. Our relationship has been pretty good, but one things keeps bugging me. The Jewish community is pretty tight knit, and interfaith relationships (especially those with Muslims) is looked down upon… his mom loves me, I am always invited when they are celebrating Jewish holidays, and met many of their family friends. However, I am constantly warned that his family will never truly accept our relationship, and I know if they don’t, my partner will not stay with me. I have told him about my insecurities before and he assured me that his parents have no problem with it, but he has never had a direct conversation about the future of our relationship with them. I am scared they are just keeping quiet while we are in school because I am a good student and influence him to do well. We are about to choose what university to go to, and I don’t want to base my life on a relationship that won’t work, what do you guys think? Do you think it’s truly possible for and Israeli family to accept a Muslim girl for their son?

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