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Interesting idea regard discrimination

“For example, so long as Europeans persecute blacks in the land of freedom and equality, with whites hunting n***oes; so long as the United States, which famously prides itself on its freedom, robs people of human dignity and respect on the basis of the slightest difference in skin colour; so long as the states which pride themselves on freedom find it possible to have lynching laws;… one should not yet boast greatly about “our times” and “our consciousness”. Our time has not yet learnt to actualize the first elements of the concept of the one God at all.” -Samson Raphael Hirsch, 1841

I think this is a very interesting concept. R’ Hirsch believes that one cannot truly say he believes in one God, unless he treats every creation of His with proper respect and dignity. The Oneness of God is a constant living principle that entails treating all with human respect. One cannot believe in a loving God of all men if he discriminates against another.

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