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Interested in the teachings of Judaism

I (22F) have been looking into my heritage & spirituality lately. I resented religion growing up, I didn’t like the Christian church i attended. Mainly due to the teachers I had there, but their approach and lack of education had me pulling away. I tend to ask a lot of questions. I didn’t know my father growing up, but I discovered my grandma (his mom) is a German Jew. I don’t know if she raised my father Jewish. Knowing this, I wanted to delve deeper into the history & teachings of Judaism. So here we are. I feel like a clean slate, after going the last decade not believing in god at all. I don’t know if I can attend a synagogue, if my grandma being German means something different for my family, I don’t know if I can even be included in this. Where should I begin, if I can?

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