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Interested in Judaism, but i have some questions!

(Disclaimer: i am in no way trying to be disrespectful by asking these questions/with the way i word them, i am genuinely curious)

I have been interested in Judaism for the past year after i stumbled across videos/podcasts about the religion. However i do not have a temple or a Jewish community near me where i can get any information. Is there anyway to learn more about it? Books, or services online? I have been searching for a while but feel as if i am stuck at a crossroad.

I have tried to steer away from videos on youtube because their comments on converts can get very, very rude. I have not read into the torah itself (aside from the information i have read about Judaism, the practices, core beliefs, etc. ) as i do not want to be disrespectful to the religion.

Some of the questions i have are if conversions are truly aloud and recognized, i understand its a lengthy process but i believe it would be worth it. Of course first i would like to learn as much about it before making such a big decision, as from what i understand its more of a way of life than just a religion. But being from a random town in Texas, where christianity is the norm, it is very hard to find information.

Any information/answers would be greatly appreciated, thank you! (:

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