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Innate ability to notice other Jews?

So I’ve crushed on this girl for a while now. She works at a store I sometimes visit. And honestly I’ve started going more often, because she seems so damn cute, peppy, and friendly.

I rarely fall for women, but this girl seems outstanding. So much so that I put off dating another girl who likes me, just so I could pursue this girl.

She seems the most amazing girl I’ve ever been around, and not to get ahead of myself, but one day I thought “I would love to marry and spend the rest of my life with a girl like this.” And that says a lot, because I struggle with commitment.

She’s so kind, gentle, peppy, motivated, friendly, etc. And we’d just kind of smile and gaze in each other’s eyes, and she’d check me out from across the room.

I thought to myself: “She’s probably not Jewish, but maybe we can work something out. She makes my soul so happy.”

I found out her first name because it was posted in the store, and I looked her up on social media.

Turns out, she has the most stereotypically Jewish of last names lmao. And some of her family commenting on her stuff definitely seems Jewish.

What are the odds? Jewish population around here is probably like .001% of the population.

I’m pinching myself. Now I just hope she comes back, because I haven’t seen her around for at least a few weeks.

Has anyone else had a moment like this, where you feel drawn to someone who’s Jewish, but you had no idea they were even Jewish?

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