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Individualists don’t provoke because we speak from our own heart.

If Germany killed my family i would become an hedonist, when everything

beautiful that i owned now is gone. I have trouble imagining anyone hate

the germans, because for me as a jew, they would be nothing from the start,

that is, if i have a rich culture that makes me proud. They would be

something though, if they hade an organic culture builded from bottom up

that i envied.

Where is that culture that makes Jews go together and fight for their cause?

Please explain this for me.

The germanic culture i can understand, and that is because the lady makes the man

and the man have once made the lady. The children will wake up every morning to

the smile of their mother, and the man will hold his family sacred.

Is this jewish culture also? I don’t think the new world brings any good at all

besides hedonism ( everything falls back on the individual ), and when this is the case

nothing is forbidden, and that’s maybe why Germany didn’t think it forbidden to

save their own ( the last ever? ) from going under.

I’m not a german myself but im close to it and i understand it’s culture.

The romantic part of it and definetely not the military ( because this is

once again collectivism, maybe much needed collectivism to defend their culture though ).

The jews i don’t yet ( i want help from you ) understand, because i think that a persons value

comes about when he/ she is an individual and unconsciously build up the family through

his her unconsciousness. That is,

the man of the house need to be invisible and conscious ( and direct/ command ),

so the members feel that they have a 100% worth and

in this way all the member will become individualists for the family cause.

That is, kings looking from the outside and normal people just

live their lives happily. If you mix these two together i think we

create a bunch of liars just as today and that i cannot accept.

I think to make a person conscious is evil and i believe in a world

before the fruit got eaten. But the king needs to eat it, because without it,

it will not be any world at all.

How do you see all this through your own eyes or religion?

Can you feel the greatness of when the king at night looking

from his balcony at the lone peasent and crying and the peasent looking up

towards the castle and still don’t ever want to go

into that building? Can you feel the pleasure in dying

at your own lot and not be forced by your neigbour to live?

That is, both families accept that the farm doesn’t feed the family,

and both families would see it as a disaster to come up with technology

to change this happening.

Just a thing to remember. Nobody has so far made me accept the man as anybody

else then a lion. I don’t see the lions slow death as romantic for a bit. I see

his life and death as a ground to build a mother and her children on. He lives

throught them and makes them happy and he will be happy then also.

And once again, i’m not here to provoke and i feel the hurt in myself, when i take

a stab with germans and question your people ( because i do, and i think

i do this because i see you as free thinkers and progressives, which just

as military entusiasts goes against as two side of the same coin

my whole picture of the world. ), but i have tried to be

as sincere to my own heart as i possibly could.

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