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Increasing observance, tattoos, and hot/humid summers

Over the past few years, I’ve become increasingly observant, and I feel such joy in not only how far I’ve come but also at the prospect of continuing to adopt a stricter observance of Halachah.

At the same time, there are aspects of my unobservant past that make me uncomfortable, specifically four medium- to large-sized tattoos on my arms. While the tattoos themselves do have significant meaning, if I knew then that I would become more observant, I don’t think I would have gotten them.

Long sleeves do cover the tattoos, but it’s quickly becoming summer here in southern Maryland, and I’m struggling with how to continue covering them while not dying from the heat and humidity. This might not be such an issue, but I’ve taken to wearing a kippah and tzitzit, and the idea of walking around with summer-appropriate clothing with my tattoos showing while donning religious apparel seems ridiculous and disrespectful.

So my question is this: how, if possible, do I survive sweltering summers while still dressing appropriately (i.e., covering forearm tattoos, kippah/tzitzit)?

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