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Including Hebrew/Judaism in my med school applications?

Hey all, figured I’d try to sneak this in before Shabbat. I’m really going back and forth on this one and could use your thoughts.

I’m Jewish. I was raised Jewish, went to a Jewish school growing up, learned Hebrew, etc. And in college, I was involved in the Jewish community including one or two of my extracurriculars that I could talk about when applying to med school.

Now I’ll preface this by saying that my politics are not extreme in any direction. I want to be a doctor because I care about every person. But as we all know—always, but especially now—saying we speak Hebrew or telling someone we’re Jewish can get us harassed, attacked, and pre-judged. I understand why these things happen, and I’m proud of my identity, but I don’t want it to prevent me from following my dream.

So I’m really going back and forth: do I include that I speak Hebrew in my med school application? Do I include my involvement in the Jewish community? Or should I try to downplay that stuff to give myself the best chance?

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