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In the Judgement of Solomon, what happened to the woman who lied about the baby?

Two women say a baby is theirs, one is telling the truth one is lying, Solomon figures it out by bluffing about chopping the baby in half and gauging their reactions. The baby is returned to the true mother, but what is the punishment for the woman who lied? She tried to steal someone else’s baby, then she perjured herself to the king who was also the judge, and then she tried to go along with having the baby killed and chopped in half rather than back down from her lie.

I’m not trying to judge her… she must have been very grief stricken after he own baby died, maybe she was out of her mind, etc… I’m just asking, she committed a bunch of crimes, so what was Solomon’s judgement against her specifically? I know he gave the baby back to the true mother, but what happened to the woman who stole the baby and lied about it? What was his judgement on her?

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