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In Orthodox Judaism, is blasphemy forgivable for a Noahide?

It seems as if in the book of Leviticus, blasphemy is considered unforgivable and someone gets stoned for it. I think it may have said something along the lines of “Whoever blasphemes his G-d shall bear their sin”. However, when I ask Orthodox Jewish rabbis they seem to say something conflicting. So to the Orthodox Jews out there, I’m wondering, is it forgivable? Is there an unforgivable sin? I’m not fully orthodox, I’m more along the lines of Noahide, so if a Noahide committed blasphemy is it unforgivable? I’m not necessarily asking if he is able to forgive this sin, as I know if he chooses to he can forgive anything, but the question is more along the lines of will he? Is there any unforgiveable sin?

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