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In need of someone from the London Orthodox Jewish community for an interview for an academic essay

Hello, Peace Be Upon You.

I am writing this post in hopes that you all may help me — My name is Sara, and I am an Acting degree student from Singapore, assigned with writing a film critique essay for a module in school. I am writing to ask if there are any members of the Orthodox Jewish community in London who will be willing to watch the film ‘Disobedience’, followed by a simple interview with me (through email, Zoom, or even voice call) regarding the film.

Based off the information I have given, I will be doing a film critique of ‘Disobedience’ by Sebastián Lelio. The areas of focus I will be writing on are:

  • Representation of queer people in the Orthodox Jewish community. This essay will be an analysis of the film’s depiction on the effects of the Orthodox Jewish community on queer people and relationships. Is Sebastián’s take on this subject biased towards the Orthodox Jewish community or the LGBTQ community? Are the depictions factual?

Should you find yourself comfortable, and a member of the Orthodox Jewish community in London, willing to help me, or know of anyone who might also be comfortable, please do feel free to drop a comment! Any kind of help will be much appreciated.

P.S. Please do let me know if the research topic/question is offensive in any way, shape or form. I do not want to offend anyone.

Thank you once again, and Peace Be Upon You.

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