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In my lifetime, I have truly seen the worst of humanity come out in the past few weeks

I mean, I have quite literally seen the most “progressive” people do mental gymnastics to justify raping Jewish women. They have the audacity to say it to me, a Jewish woman. It’s “believe all women” until it’s Jewish women. Then they ask for all this proof and then when we give it to them, they say it’s not real. Now, when Jewish people express that they don’t feel safe because of people like this, we are called privileged and fear mongerers… honestly, after the talking points I’ve read online about how vehemently okay people feel about Jewish women being raped, tortured, and killed—no, I don’t feel safe as a Jewish woman. Plus, my great grandparents and grandparents are Holocaust survivors and my parents are from the USSR, where they experienced severe antisemitism, so the alarm bells have been ringing in my head. Ironically, I’ve seen people claim that intergenerational trauma for Jews doesn’t exist. To make it even weirder, I’ve seen people call Jews “colonizers” for living in New York City. Today, I saw someone say that it’s okay for Hamas to rape Jewish women because Hamas are orphans and Jewish women have more power over them. In general, gentiles ignore our concerns about the things they say and try to define what is or isn’t antisemitism on our behalf, which is just despicable. Young people take pride in their blatant antisemitism because they use a liberation movement to cover their tracks. I recognize that I have privilege in this world but this is just absurdity. I could go on and on. Sorry, I just needed to rant. Does anyone else feel the same?

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