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I’m very conflicted over Zionism.

I’m a Jewish American. I was raised to believe that Israel is the chosen land of our people and I should support it. I went to Hebrew school, was BarMitzvah’d and I’m proud of my Judaism and our people.

The past years I’ve been conflicted over if I identify as a Zionist or not.

I was raised to believe that Israel is the land of the Jewish people and to always support it but now that I’m grown I’m have doubts.

I see the horrors that Israelis have to live daily but I also see the horrors the Israeli government does to the Palestinians.

I have a degree in politics and international relations and during my studies came to see the terror that was inflected by both sides during the conflict.

I believe the Jewish people should have a safe state to call their own but that shouldn’t come at the expense of the Arab people.

I just feel lost. I feel pressure as a jew to support Israel but I find I can’t do that many times.

Any advice?

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