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I’m trans – do I continue to honour my grandfather with my name change?

Hi all.

My mom is an Ashkenazi Jew. My grandpa died a few weeks before I was born and thus I ended up with the first letter of his name as the first letter of mine.

My dad is not Jewish and my parents were never together. When I came out as transgender my mom was less than supportive and so the little connection I had to my Jewish heritage was essentially cut off. I don’t consider myself Jewish.

Since then I’ve been trialing names and am coming close to picking my forever name.

I understand that I don’t have to keep my name beginning with the same letter, but I would like to still respect him.

How can I still respect him despite changing my name? Is there anything specific to do? I don’t want to lose the connection I have with him.

Sorry, usually I would ask my moms family. But I can’t so I’m here lol. Thank you!

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