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I’m tired of us being a constant topic of discussion.

Basically what it says, I’m just fucking tired. What I want more than anything else is for people to just keep us out of their minds, their mouths, and their bullshit. Within just this year so far we’ve had a Synagogue hostage situation, a school board banning Maus, the Whoopi Goldberg situation, people continuing to compare spilling their glass of milk to the Holocaust, newspapers in Turkey blaming us for the Armenian genocide, and the BBC situation, just off the immediate top of my head.

I’m fucking tired of being a topic of discussion and conspiracy theories, yet somehow never being heard when I try to speak on the issues we face.

I’m tired of somehow being the enemy of the right, the enemy of the left, being a group that is 0.2% of the world population, yet somehow behind every single event.

I’m tired of being a political cudgel, and I’m tired of being told, in the face of all of this that I’ve laid out, that it’s no big deal and I’m somehow dramatic for pointing out.

But most of all, I’m just tired of people talking about us. I want us to be left the fuck alone. If the world could take the tissues they keep plugged in their ears when we speak about ourselves, and kindly place them in their mouths next time they feel compelled to make us their topic of discussion without us even being there, I would appreciate it more than anything else.

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