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I’m sorry for my post yesterday

I posted about finding out my sister’s boyfriend was Jewish and ended up ostracizing a lot of people on here with what I said about reform. I’m not here to say anything other than I am deeply sorry. I reflected over Shabbat, and while I do not agree with the Reform movement, it was not my right to say anything, especially when it shamed people and ostracized them. I fully accept that I committed lashon hara and I will make penance and speak to my Rabbi next week.

I also want to say that I am grateful to have met a nice man who will take care of my sister, whether he is Jewish or not, and I am happy for her.

I hope this community can forgive me, but if one chooses not to I do not blame them. This community is for all Jewish people and I should not have gate-kept. I hope you all had a good Shabbos, and I wish you well.

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