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I’m Sofiya Pasternack, author of middle grade Jewish historical fantasy novels. Ask me anything!

Hi everyone! I’m Sofiya Pasternack, the author of ANYA AND THE DRAGON, which was a Sydney Taylor Book Award Honor this year, and its sequel ANYA AND THE NIGHTINGALE! I have a third historical Jewish fantasy coming in 2022 about the legend of Luz set in Khazaria, and I’m writing a trilogy of YA historical fantasy centering Soviet Jewry.

In my non-writing time, I’m a mental health professional and neurotrauma/disaster nurse. I also have a YouTube channel ( where I talk about how to use psychology to write better characters, and a newsletter about writing ( that I allegedly send out monthly. I would link both of those better but my laptop is in the Mac Hospital getting a new keyboard, so I’m using mobile devices and they are the worst.

Post questions you have for me here and I’ll be back in a few hours to answer!

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