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I’m so mad at my school and friend right now

So I try my best to practice kosher and take it pretty seriously. My school provides lunch and gives us a menu with diet and ingredients so I’ve been good at eating kosher at school. But today I tried the “bean and cheese burrito” the recipe said it was mainly just beans and cheese and it was kosher. But when I bit into it I realized that it was beans, cheese and… FUCKING PORK!

Then I told my friend that I was pissed off and went to my next class and threw up. I threw up because there is stomach bug going around but I jokingly texted my friend “god is punishing me, I just threw up because of that fucking burrito.”

Then in Algebra people were asking where I was, so this mother fucker stands up and says “so you guys know how my name is Jewish? Well he ate pork and cheese and god made him throw up and now he’s really mad”

So now the people in my class think that Jews physically can’t eat pork and a lot of people who didn’t know I was jewish now do, and it’s not a terrible thing but it’s just something I didn’t really want everyone to know…

I’m just so pissed off right now.

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