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I’m sick of the hatred towards reform Jews.

I recently participated in a post where someone felt betrayed at being raised Conservative, as they felt that there was a possibility that they were not “really Jewish”. There were several comments calling reform and conservative Jews not Jewish.

One of the people on that post messaged me directly, using slurs such as “fag”, as well as other homophobic slurs and frankly disgusting language. They said that because I was secular and agnostic I was a fake Jew, despite my family being Jewish, and my own personal observance, which is in line with slightly conservative reform practices. They urged me several times to kill and harm myself, saying that it was the best alternative to my being stoned to death.

That is what made me decide to make this post. I’m so sick of hearing this nonsense. Regardless of whether orthodoxy considers reform, conservative, reconstructionist, or whatever Jews, we are all Jewish. A Jew that eats pork while driving on Shabbos is as Jewish as the most observant rabbi. We, the reform, conservative, reconstructionist, and other Jews are Jewish, we deserve respect, and we are not going anywhere. Accept us or don’t, but don’t invalidate us.

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