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I’m Sam Reinstein, Author of the recently published "The Haggadah about Nothing: The (Unofficial) Seinfeld Haggadah," which features commentary and references connecting the Haggadah to Seinfeld. AMA tonight at 8PM.

You can read more about the Haggadah (and grab a copy) here. The Haggadah had a great start and jumped up to be a Best Seller in a bunch of Amazon categories. I have been really happy with the reaction so far, and am looking forward to answering your questions. I have resisted putting Seinfeld references into the intro, ill leave that for my answers :).

I am also the Rabbi at a small shul in Brooklyn called Congregation Kol Israel. The community is very diverse given its size, and includes a lot of converts (many of which I have helped through the process) and those that came to their Judaism in different ways. I worked as an actuary until my wife had twin girls this past April and have been watching them grow up since.

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