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I’m really struggling keeping Shabbos as a student

It’s really a problem with my schedule and with school. I honestly don’t get a day off. Three midterms this week. Two midterms last week. Three next week. Not counting the daily quizzes, assignments, and reading I have to do. For four classes! And work for two of my jobs on top of that! And I can’t cut down on any of it. College is dragging me through deadline after deadline and a solid half of them are Fridays on midnight. So every Friday, I find myself hunched over a book studying, or desperately trying to finish off an assignment, sometimes the candles are lit and the blessing said on time and sometimes I do it all late in the night to keep my sense of sanity, even if it’s treif. I would ask my teachers for workarounds, but that assumes I have time after Shabbos to do anything, which I don’t. I haven’t had a weekend to myself in five weeks now.

So I guess question to any college students, especially anyone working right now: how do you guys find time to manage? How do you carve out time in the week to observe Shabbos properly? Am I just going to have to wait to graduate to try and be shomer? Is all hope lost? Oy vey!

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