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i’m not sure if my chanukah gift ideas are appropriate

my boyfriend is jewish, he officially converted around this time last year. i’m not jewish but half my family is so i know the basics, and i know his family is not super supportive of his judaism so i want to have a special chanukah gift giving (i know chanukah is not really a gift giving holiday traditionally but i like giving gifts and he likes getting them so) — i have most of his gifts planned but i wanted to get him something with his hebrew name on it , a necklace or something along those lines but i’m not sure if that’s like an okay thing to do? i’d ask him but i don’t wanna blow the surprise — i pivoted a bit and was going to get him a chai necklace like my cousins all have but i’m not sure if thats a normal/appropriate gift to receive from someone who isn’t jewish? (i asked my cousins about this but they aren’t very religious/they’re all in israel and i feel like there might also be a cultural difference?)

any advice is appreciated 🙂

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