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I’m not religious but I still wear my Kippah, my Yarmulke.

I want to share this with you guys:

I’m not religious but I still wear my Kippah, my Yarmulke. I started wearing it two months ago. I felt like antisemitism was on the rise and I just couldn’t tolerate the hate. I know antisemitism has clearly always and sadly existed, but maybe it touched me differently now that I’m older and more mature. Lots of people have encountered a Jewish person in their lives but lots haven’t. I want to normalize the foreign. By showing my Kippah, I’m showing the world that I’m not scared, but rather proud to be a Jew, embracing my roots. Even though we have been through thousands years of tears, and fears that a persecution might become an execution, we are still here, standing strong and surviving. Being Jewish is not just a religion but a culture. All my ancestors were Jewish dating back to at least the 1500s, that I know of. Jewish is in my blood, my roots. Antisemitism doesn’t just insult me, but it insults everybody that came before me. Using the Kippah for me is the rebuttal to when we had to wear the badge with the Star of David, Magen David, during the Holocaust.

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