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I’m not Jewish enough for Birthright Israel, right?

I’m considering applying for a Birthright trip, but I’m not sure if I meet the eligibility requirements.

My background: My maternal great-grandmother came from a Jewish family who didn’t really practice (she wore a star in WW2, but was encouraged not to practice from childhood because of the appeal of assimilation). I can trace my Jewish ancestry matrilineally way beyond my great-grandmother. My grandmother (her daughter) wasn’t religious, and my mother converted to Christianity independently. I was raised (and, as a baby, baptized) Christian, but I don’t identify as one and do not practice Christianity. Still, my parents raised me with constant reminders that I had Jewish ancestors and encourage exploring it further. (As in, “how you identify is up to you.”) I haven’t taken that exploration very far though: I haven’t converted to Judaism, and I don’t know Hebrew. The Orthodox Jews (and Israeli relatives) I’ve spoken to consider me Jewish despite all this, however, I know I’d have a hard time claiming Israeli citizenship.

TL;DR: May or may not be Jewish, depending on who you’re talking to. Background definitely raises some red flags.

Does any of this make me immediately eligible/ineligible for Birthright? And if I am eligible, would it be horrible to take a spot away from someone else with a stronger, more consistent background and identity? Side note: What are good resources for learning more about Judaism/alternatives to Birthright?

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