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I’m not Jewish and am fairly ignorant to all but the basics- so I started listening to the shiur uploaded on apple podcasts to try and learn more. One problem with that

I don’t know any Hebrew. I can recognize some phrases and individual words, and other times I can parse out the meaning from context clues. However, sometimes I don’t understand what the Rabbi is talking about for minutes at a time. I’ve looked for transcripts and they aren’t always available.

I know enough about hebrew to know there’s probably very little chance I would spell anything right. Is there an ‘it sounds like’ or ‘is this what you mean?’ site or glossary to help me figure out what the Rabbi has been talking about for the past 7 minutes?


Edit: My concern is mostly that, since podcasts are audio only for the most part, I’ll have a really rough time trying to spell out hebrew terms by ear for google

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