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I’m not Jewish according to Halacha (patrilineal) but still identify with my Jewish heritage. Would it be bad to wear a Star of David?

My dad is fully Jewish, bar mitzvah and all that. My mom is from Honduras so I am not halachically Jewish. That said I was raised reciting out of a Siddur and my dad would celebrate Hanukkah and read the Hebrew prayers every year with the heirloom menorah. I identify with my Jewish heritage as much as I do with my Honduran heritage. I am pretty open about my Latino heritage but I have never really been open about my Jewish heritage because I’ve kind of always felt I’m not “part of the club”. That said with everything going on in Israel, I do feel the urge to represent my heritage. Is it appropriate to wear a Star of David necklace? I may not be halachically Jewish but I am descended from Abraham and Isaac, I worship their God, and my grandparents survived the pogroms so I would think I could. Or if not do I have the right to represent any Jewish traditions? Thanks I appreciate any response even if it’s not what I want to hear

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