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I’m newly Jewish. What are some things I should know?

Heres what I do know: The Torah is the Old Testament of the Bible G-d is Yaweh I know the reason Jews have Passover and Hannakuh I know why Jews wear a Yamaka, or a Kippah I know you have to go to the Wall of Tears (if that’s what its called) as a Jew at some point in your life

Some questions: Do Jews believe in the New Testament? Why do Jews have a Bar Mitzvah? Do you have to have Jewish family to be Jewish? Are there Dreidle Championships?

And anything else that’s basic knowledge would be much appreciated. Sorry for the questions, but I found it’s much easier than looking them up. I live with my Mom and (for lack of a better term) Step Dad, and rarely see my real Dad and Grandparents, who are Jewish. The family I live with is pretty Christian and I’m worried they’re gonna be upset with me when I tell them I’m Jewish (especially my Grandma) so I wanna at least have my facts straight

Edit: Its the Wailing Wall, not the Wall of Tears (dunno how I got that) Sorry for my ignorance Edit 2: Fixin line 3

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