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I’m Muslim she’s Jewish

Shalom (I hope this greeting is appropriate)

I am an American Muslim guy (22) from a deeply Islamic background. I met a Jewish girl (23) while working online and we began to like each other. We’ve been worked /together for nearly two years and since we live a few hours away and I plan to frequently visit her. We connect on so many levels since we’re both from from immigrant households and two very similar faiths.

My dilemma: Growing up as Sunni Muslim I try to observe my faith to the best of my ability, meaning I cannot celebrate birthdays/non islamic religious or spiritual holidays.

This means I cannot celebrate Hanukkah or any Jewish holidays with her. If we chose to get married and had children I could not have my children celebrate these holidays according to Islamic law.

While she isn’t super religious (eats pork doesn’t observe Shabbat and sometimes celebrates halloween) she is a very good person. She comes from a dysfunctional family (they’re still good people) and suffers from anxiety/depression. I want to be her peace and give her all the happiness in the world. I make enough to where I can actually buy a house in 2 years and make it so she never has to work a day in her life. She wants a farm then I’ll get her a farm. She wants to travel I’ll fund it and whatever it takes to make her feel fulfilled. I just cannot observe or have my future kids observe other religious/spiritual practices. I also don’t require her to convert because there is no compulsion in religion.

Idk if this even makes sense but I’m asking for advice to see if I should move forward with this relationship from a Jewish standpoint.

Thanks and peace

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