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I’m meeting with a rabbi (Modern Orthodox) to discuss conversion next week. What should I expect?

I’ve been attending the local Modern Orthodox synagogue since November. I’ll be meeting with the rabbi to discuss conversion next week. I’m excited but really nervous. I have no idea what to expect or if I should do anything to prepare. I’m rather socially awkward and I’m afraid I’ll do something wrong, or not do something I should do. What can I expect him to say? What kind of stuff will I be expected to say? Also, what should I wear? I’m guessing my work clothes won’t do. (I work in a warehouse, so I wear jeans and a T-shirt. While I’m under the impression that it’s okay for women to wear pants in this community, my jeans get kinda dirty at work, and I’m also not 100% certain that pants are, in fact, okay.) Can I just wear an elbow sleeve T-shirt and change into a skirt after work and call it good, or should I wear something nice?

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