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I’m Jewish, my mother, grandmother, great grandmother, etc but I feel separated thanks to my mom’s trauma.

I’m Jewish on my mother’s side. She was very “rebellious” in stupid disrespectful ways.

My grandma was religious only because my great grandmother asked god to survive WW2 in return for devotion and a kosher household. My mom who’s fathers family were Nazis for survival (my grandpa an alcoholic, who I never got to really know because of it) and her mother (my grandma who I was close with) and my grandmas side very devote to the Jewish faith.

My mother said Judaism was shoved down her throat and she did a lot of fucked up stuff to make sure my great grandma knew she was not cool will it. We never grew up with our heritage except for Chanukah. I’ve always felt a part of me missing

I’ve been feeling very drawn towards Judaism for a while, I’m not sure how to continue other than knowing what each holiday is for and celebrating Chanukah casually by lighting a candle for my grandma and praying she is happy and making latkes

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