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I’m Jewish, He’s Muslim…Could We Work Long-Term?

Disclaimer: I don’t want any hate or disrespectful comments, dms, or messages on/from this post. No one needs that right now, and this is a question about love, not hate. They’ll be reported, and you’ll be blocked.

Ok, so a little background. I’m a reconstructionist American, Ashkenazi woman. His family is Turkish, and he’s a practicing but not extremely strict Muslim (I don’t know all the details). We met in college through friends and became friends ourselves, but COVID stopped our relationship from progressing further. We’ve both graduated, and once the pandemic ends we will most likely end up in the same city. I know that if I make my feelings for him clear, we could actually start dating and be happy together.

So what I want to know is how long could our happiness last? What kinds of cultural differences could we face along the road? I know that we align on other beliefs, so that’s not the issue. And to be clear, we’re both American and staying in America — I’m sure things are different in Israel or other parts of the world, but I would like advice from an American jew’s perspective. I already casually brought up the idea of dating a Muslim man with my grandmother and mother — my grandmother was very clear that she would not be happy, and my mother (who converted from Catholicism herself when she married my dad) was unhappy too, though not as blatantly racist as my grandmother. Of course one of my sisters already has a jewish boyfriend, so she’s all set in their eyes, and they’re fine with my other sister’s relationship with a Catholic-turned-atheist.

Thank you for your advice if you have any for me.

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