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I’m Jewish and Someone Recently Tells Me ”Yashka’ Loves You’ – What Would You Answer?

So this time I had no reply, I was taken aback. She saw by the way I dress that I might have been Jewish. I have long tsitsis. We were near a synagogue, and I was asking for directions to a Rabbi Rubin’s house.

I remember, as a schoolkid, I’d often have replies to things of this nature.

It occurred to me that a proper reply to this may have been, “there’s a Hebrew term for this (אהבת ישראל) “ahavas Yisrael,” which means, inwhich there is a Jew who loves another Jew. So if that’s true, then Jxsxs (if he actually existed) was being religious to observe his obligation love me.

Jxsxs, as a Jew, (if he even existed) would have been commanded to love his fellow Jew. All Jews are obligated to love one another.

Ahavas Yisrael

What would you have replied? Have you dealt with anything like this before?


PS: Sorry about the odd spellings but I posted this originally and an auto-bot removed it before it posted. I hope this is not breaking any rule, I do think it is a pertinent question and a good discussion topic. Also I hate the name anyway, it makes me uncomfortable to write it out in the first place!

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