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I’m having a wierd phase were I get obsessed

Every now and then I get a strange or unusual obsession with something and for a while at the back of my mind it was Jews or Judaism, I felt drawn to them and felt comfort around a Jewish character in a movie or someone I see walking by they would make me randomly happy and spiritual? I have been really courious and interested in Judaism. On my Brithday I went to London and just needed to go into a shop and it happened to be a Jewish owned shop with alot of Jewish features init and I don’t know why but again I got really weirdly happy and calm and it made my day 😅I never forgot it. Whenever I hear about Judaism I’m drawn to it and I take in as much as I can, I watched a show called unorthodox on netfilx the other day and it has made me even more interested in Judaism I feel most spiritual when I think of it, or sometimes the complete opposite like crystals or crosses.I’m from a catholic family but they never read the bible or go to church or pray so not really Catholic, iv tried to be more interested in the catholic church but I end up feeling further from God. I’m so wierd, just thought I’d say it so it might go. ❤️❤️

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