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I’m feeling anxious about the fast this year after not doing it for over a decade. I need some advice and encouragement.

I haven’t fasted during Yom Kippur in probably over ten years. When I did it in college, I found I got terrible headaches, awful anxiety, and I couldn’t think clearly or concentrate. Sometimes I got shaky, too. I didn’t find it meaningful or connecting–just scary.

Since then, I do various things I’ve seen suggested here–eat three times a day but no snacks and no sugar/desserts, no special drinks (just water), etc. But I am struggling dreadfully to find any meaning in that, either. I just feel separated and guilty. Even though I was taking care of myself, it didn’t make me feel better.

I am not religious, but traditions and connection are important to me. This year, I found I’ve been wanting to fast again. I’m older, my body is different, and it feels like time to try again. That said: I also live in the desert and I take a medication that I think dehydrates me (it’s not a good idea to skip this medication and I will be taking it as normal with a sip of water). I didn’t realize how nervous I was until I woke up this morning after having stress dreams about it all night.

Can you folks share your wisdom, tips, advice, and encouragement with me?

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