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I’m embedded in many left-leaning communities and I’m feeling unsafe

I wonder if any of you can share your experiences. I’m Jewish and I have close(ish) non-Jewish friends that I spend a lot of time with that have said some antisemitic things here and there in the past, especially around the subject of Israel which is always a really triggering conversation for me. Now with the recent conflict I feel even more insecure. I know they have not fully incorporated all that I’ve tried to teach them and they go behind my back and support rhetoric that can be seen as anti-semitic. They think of my opinions as invalid, as biased. My parents left Lebanon in the 70s during the civil war, so they were displaced and had to eventually find their way to the US. Other family members dispersed elsewhere. So it really hits close to home.

I wonder is it possible to continue being friends with people that support what amounts to potential destruction of the State of Israel? I have family out there that had to go into bunkers and I feel like they just don’t care. It all feels really painful. What do those of you that are Jewish do if your friends are turning out to say or behave in these ways that feel really threatening toward your identity?

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